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Church Plant


Pastors of existing churches find that their members are inspired to generously do more in their home churches after helping with a church plant.

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Partnering with churches to plant healthy, multiplying churches

Here are eight ways existing churches can help with church planting: (hover for more info)

Sending Partners – In this partnership, the existing pastor and church adopt the church plant and the church planter as part of their own congregation, assisting them as they develop from a core team to well into their fourth or fifth anniversary as they reach maturity and independence.


Sponsoring Partners – This collaboration is characterized by an existing church offering personnel, provisions, or prayers as a one-time or short-term endeavor.


Prayer Partners – This partnership is as valuable as any other because an existing congregation takes it upon themselves to constantly remember a particular church plant and church planting family in their pleas before God.


Financial Partners – Some congregations set aside funds annually to assist church plants. Others want to collect funds for church plants on special occasions such as holidays or during Vacation Bible School. We can help you know where your contribution can be used effectively.


Research Partners – The network can always use internet savvy and research-oriented individuals who can look for facts and trends throughout the region: people group locations, increases in population or disadvantaged communities. Research will help us identify areas where new church plants are needed.


Interview Partners – Building upon research, we need outgoing individuals who will visit with community leaders in potential church planting communities, such as police chiefs, mayors or school superintendents. The interviews will add depth and value to the research.


Outreach Bible Study Partners – We can train an existing church on how to create the early foundation for a church plant through a 4-month Bible study designed to attract unbelievers, seekers and people from other religions.


Evangelistic Team Partners – We can train an existing church on how to coordinate evangelistic movements in communities where we have no churches through prayerful planning, personal evangelism, coordinated community-wide events and organized follow-up.

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